Career Coaching Workshop

We at Altruistic strongly believe that mass schooling may have served us well so far throughout much of modern history, but the current century bears little resemblance to the past. Children today must still learn traditional disciplines such as mathematics, science and language, but these are not enough if they are to succeed in a very different world.

We conduct specially designed workshops for school, college or university students on the nonacademic qualities young people need for success. We need to shift from a purely knowledge-based education toward a focus on skills (communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking), character (curiosity, courage, resilience, ethics, mindfulness, leadership), and meta-learning (learning how to learn, growth mindset, metacognition). Through our workshops, we will help students find the intersection between these four dimensions of knowledge, skills, character, and meta-learning.

If you are from any school, college or university and you are interested for any career coaching workshop for your students, please call us on 7607751125. You can also drop a note to [email protected]